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The Sleeping Aunt

One of the things that made me realize the effectiveness of binaural beats happened at my wife's family reunion.  Her father had previously arranged to get an mp3 player with the Living the Hero's Journey Falling Asleep mp3 binaural beat audio track to his sister.  She had been dealing with insomnia for a number of years and had been taking sleeping pills to fall asleep.  

She came up to me at the family reunion and told me that since she started to listen to the Falling Asleep audio track she had been able to get to sleep right after listening and had reduced her sleeping medication.  The main reason I developed the Living the Hero's Journey program was to help people and this was my goal realized.  She was excited and happy and it made me glad to know the system was working.

Headline Generator!

I went to today to come up with some headlines for Living the Hero's Journey.  Here's a sample of what it came up with:

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Wow.  Where do I pay?

Ready for Action

I've always been action-oriented.  Do something first, and then think later (if at all).  My little son Liam is the same way.  He's really, really active, but he doesn't always think things through.  It may be genetics, but it hasn't always resulted in the best outcomes.  This is why I've been on a lifelong quest for peace and calm.

I started meditating in my late teens and experimented with a lot of technologies for mind exploration.  Biofeedback, audio-visual entrainment, simulation, and now binaural beats, which is the technology upon which the audio meditation component of Living the Hero's Journey is based.  This path has helped me to be calmer and more patient.  It's also helped my health and relationships.  I'm still inclined to spring into action, but now thought sometimes preceeds activity.  Now all I have to do is encourage Liam to do the same...

The Gambler and the Fingersmith

When I was a kid I really liked Roald Dahl's books.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Danny, the Champion of the World.  I was even interviewed on the radio about his life and writing.  My favorites were two of his short stories:

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar from the book of the same name tells the story of Henry, a gambler and layabout who wants to cheat at cards.  He meditates on playing cards until he is able to identify a card from the back.  It takes him three years to hone this skill and after he succeeds, he is no longer interested in making money for himself.  His self-disciplined practice changed him so much he chooses a heroic path instead.

The Hitchhiker from the same book was about a driver who picks up a master pickpocket who is so adept at his trade he calls himself a fingersmith.  The two are pulled over by an unpleasant police officer who threatens the driver with fines and jail time.  After they drive on, the fingersmith reveals a happy secret.

These two stories about mastery and changing for the better through a spiritual practice still resonate with me.  Living the Hero's Journey is all about following a path of mastery and becoming more than you are, and these ripping yarns illustrate these ideas beautifully.  Highly recommended reading.  (Although you may want to give The Swan from the same collection a pass.  It's pretty tragic.)

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Heroism is the art of doing the right thing. Being calm and courageous under adverse conditions. Having your life so together you can help other people. That’s how this course will help. It will free up the part of you that adds value to the people around you. And to add value to the people around you, you will need to be exactly where you want to be: Living a life of heroism.