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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Living the Hero's Journey now available for free?

One of my stated goals in the ebook is to use what I've learned to help make people better and I believe this will be accomplished more effectively if I make these materials available for free. On the other hand, there will no longer be customer support available for this eCourse.

How do the meditation tracks affect my brainwaves?

The sound waves from the audio tracks work on a principle called entrainment. For example, if you hit a tuning fork to make a sound, another tuning fork of the same pitch will start to sound as well due to resonance. In the same way, the audio tracks create low frequency pulsations (beats) that entrain your brainwaves (the electrical activity created by the neurons firing) to a particular frequency. The ranges of the tracks are as follows:

Week 1 - The Ordinary World - Beta low to Alpha high
Week 2 - The Call to Adventure - Beta low to Alpha high
Week 3 - Refusal of the Call - Beta low to Alpha mid
Week 4 - Meeting the Mentor - Beta low to Alpha low
Week 5 - Crossing the Threshold - Beta low to Theta high
Week 6 - Tests Allies Enemies - Beta low to Theta mid
Week 7 - Approach to the Inmost Cave - Beta low to Theta low
Week 8 - The Ordeal - Beta low to Delta
Week 9 - Reward - Beta low to Theta low
Week 10 - The Road Back - Beta low to Alpha low
Week 11 - The Resurrection - Beta low to Theta mid
Week 12A - Return with the Elixir - Beta low to Theta low
Week 12B - Return with the Elixir - Beta low to Theta low

Falling Asleep - Beta low to Theta mid
Learning - Beta low to Delta

Are the meditation tracks safe?

Yes. The audio tracks have been extensively safety tested for two years. They are effective at a low volume and they gradually bring the user to a relaxed and meditative state.

What is your privacy policy?

The privacy policy for the Living the Hero's Journey web site is very simple. We do not release any of the information submitted by our users unless required by law. You can be assured that any information submitted by users will remain with us.

What other legal stuff should I know?

Ferrier Consulting and Big Mind Productions will not be liable in any form for any pecuniary or non-pecuniary losses or consequences of any kind resulting from the use or misuse of the information contained within its websites or products. All risk of the use of the information contained in any of the company's websites or products is assumed by you, the user and/or buyer.

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