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Week 12 – Return with the Elixir

Hero Moments

Indiana Jones returns to the rejuvenated village with the Sankara stone and the children in tow in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. In the heart of a frozen spacecraft, Mulder gives Scully the antidote to the alien virus in The X-Files: Fight the Future. The Doctor joyfully cries “Everybody lives!” and releases the healing nanobots in the new Doctor Who series episode The Doctor Dances.

The Hero ends the Journey by returning to the Ordinary World with the Elixir, which can be a gift, a cure, or a treasure. It can also be wisdom or power. The Hero is now able to help others with the Reward. This is the point that the Hero’s Journey becomes a way of life and is no longer separate from the Hero’s normal existence. This is Living the Hero’s Journey.


Brain scans have shown that when someone is listening in order to learn an activity, a section of the brain is activated. When someone is performing the activity, a different section of the brain is activated. However, when someone is trying to teach another person to learn the activity, the brain lights up like a Christmas tree, including the listening and performing sections.

Teaching helps to solidify learning. It points out weaknesses and misunderstandings, and forces us to become clear about the material. By sharing what you’ve learned, you not only help the other person, you help yourself master the information. You also evolve the material and make it your own. By creating this training program, I’ve not only been able to share concepts and ideas that have made a big difference in my life, I’ve also filled gaps in the material and drawn conclusions that weren’t evident before I wrote it all down. Teaching is like losing the training wheels. You’re no longer supported by an outside source; you can’t pretend anymore. You’ve got to know what you’re doing.

With this in mind, it’s important to know when to teach. By modeling a successful life, you’ll find people that are interested in what you’re doing and want to know more. These situations are great opportunities to pass on information. However, make sure you know what you’re talking about. The expression, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”, was probably directed at those who lecture without understanding the material. Also, don’t preach or force your views on anyone. Individuals attempting to impose their beliefs on others always create big problems. If you’re not asked, don’t tell.

The Road Forward

Congratulations. You’ve accomplished a lot by working through this program. You’ve reached the end of the course, but your Hero’s Journey is just beginning. Here are a few suggestions about where to go from here:

  • Keep training. Meditation, exercise, martial arts, yoga and all of the other practices in this program are lifelong journeys that will continue to challenge you and help you to grow.
  • After you’ve finished the 12 weekly meditation tracks, for an ongoing meditation practice alternate the Week 12A and Week 12B audio tracks every week. This is something you can do indefinitely and the alternation of the right and left channel stable carrier tone will provide a balanced practice.
  • You can also re-run the whole program, doing just the exercises, just the meditation practice, or both. You’ll find that additional times through the course will clarify your goals and hone your skills.
  • You can also mix and match exercises and weekly audio meditations.
  • Like a tailored suit, be sure to customize the material to fit who you are.

Week 12 Exercises and Resources

  1. As mentioned above, for an ongoing meditation practice alternate the Week 12A and Week 12B audio tracks every week.
  2. Look for teachable moments to share what you’ve learned. Be sure the lesson is requested.
  3. Celebrate!


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
The X-Files: Fight the Future
Doctor Who: Season One (New Series)


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